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Music & lyrics by Dan Kramer and Ernest D'Amaso
© 2018 Ominous Music, Funnystyle Music


well i remember
a day this was the town
broke as can be, but free and proud
can't hide my temper
I can't take what's going down now
this soulless greed that's creeping around

It's plain to see that times are changing
These ain't the streets that I was raised in
they put a toll on everything
but on the whole, well, i still think...

that it's a fun city!

Once she was hated
forsaken by the hive
left her for dead yet she survived
now she wants payment
for raising up the five
never forget she sacrificed

and now they're lining up, driving up the prices
free trade done raised the rent
but at least we're seeing crime decline
and yet in spite of it, we wind up in a crisis
greed made us great again
but that beast needs feeding all the time

It's plain to see that times are changing
red-lining, dividing, displacing
community is on the brink
how could it be that i still think...

that it's a fun city?

this ain't the place to be now
this ain't the place for me now
there goes the neighborhood
bought and sold for the greater good
and that's the quest for profit
we're powerless to stop it


i guess I surrender
those 'hoods that raised us up strong
now make us feel we don't belong
best i forget her
those good old days are long gone
her fate's been sealed, so say so-long

Cause it's plain to see that times are changing
These ain't the streets that I was raised in
i feel so old, and near extinct
man, she's so cold, but i still think...

why do i still think she's fun?

yeah, it's a sign the times are changing, they're changing
gotta get away, just let me get away
i gotta go,and do my thing
it's not my home, but i still think

that it's a fun city!


from Sincerely Yours​.​.​. Greatest Hits Vol. II, released February 19, 2019
Ernest D'Amaso - Lead vocals

Alisha Neverson - Backup vocals
Kendall Sherman - Backup vocals
Amanda Khiri - Backup vocals

Steve Woodzell - Guitar
Dan Kramer - Bass guitar, percussion
Rob Farren - Piano, organ
Dodi Wiemuth - Drums
Domingo Mercedes - Percussion

Michael Pallas - Trombone
Rodney Siau - Trumpet
J.S. Williams - Trumpet
Soils Tshepo Puoane - Tenor Saxophone
Tony Barba - Tenor Saxophone
Morgan Price - Baritone Saxophone
Jaime Marcelo - Violin
Michael Hunter - Violin
Trevor New - Viola
Bobbie Crow - Cello


all rights reserved



Ernest Ernie & The Sincerities New York, New York

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